Anna Lohe is an Australian abstract artist based in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia (Garigal Land). She paints vibrant, imaginative works in acrylic on canvas featuring botanical, spiritual and native forest themes using colour palettes to suit contemporary homes.

She thrives by surrounding herself with colour and takes inspiration from the natural world around us. Most of Anna’s works are born from her passions of yoga, travel, friendships, and family. As a mum of two kids, Anna was born in Melbourne Australia and has worked in London as part of her 25-year career in advertising and marketing.

Anna deeply enjoys the Zen effect that painting has on her as she paints, and by having art surrounding her. She is passionate about sprinkling joy into people’s lives and homes with her artworks.  Anna's works can be found in private collections in London, Barcelona, New York and in the Maldives and are available as original paintings or reproduction prints.

Anna Lohe standing next to Original Australian Artwork called Numero Uno in blue colour palette

Artist Statement

By using an expressionist approach to my small(ish) and large-scale paintings, I love to use a vibrant yet controlled explosion of colour on canvas, typically five to six layers in depth and texture.

 I love to celebrate botanical and spiritual themes in my work and produce abstract landscapes, that may depict Australian native forest themes or iconography from other cultures across the globe.

Integration of symbolism is important to me, so that each piece has an individual story and especially when tailoring a piece for client homes or commercial spaces.

The purpose of my work began as an accidental liberation from corporate life during Covid, and that lovely experiment has now turned into a full-time artistic career - selling all my pieces in my first exhibition was an enormous confidence boost. I am not sure if my fellow artists that came to life during the pandemic, if we can call ourselves a new movement “the Co-vidists” or not!

I am inspired every day by surrounding myself with local flora and being somewhat obsessed by design. Early influences include Gustav Klimt, Antoni Gaudi and the Glasgow School of Art. My logo is a nod to this influence via the use of MacIntosh typeface.

 I work full time from my studio in Avalon Beach and have held several successful exhibitions including at my own gallery in Whale Beach – which sadly will close in mid 2024 due to planned development of the building. I am currently planning an upcoming show in Melbourne and Ibiza in 2024.

How I got started

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